cleanse F.A.Q. 

Can I eat while on a cleanse?

We recommend you stick to the 6 juices, 1 cashew almond milk, and plenty of water.  If you need to eat, we recommend raw vegetables like cucumbers, celery, or a handful of nuts.  

Can I workout?

Yes, but take it easy.  Yoga or light walking are best as your body is working hard internally to flush out all the toxins.

Is it normal to feel fatigued?

It is normal to feel tired or have a headache while on a cleanse.  Following our protocol before your cleanse and drinking lots of water can help alleviate these symptoms.  During a cleanse, your body is hard at work getting rid of the toxins so fatigue is very normal.  

If at anytime you feel like the cleanse is too much for your body to handle, we recommend you stop.  Start eating raw fruits and vegetables and drink the juices as tolerated.

Is it ok to drink tea?

Yes!  Drinking decaffeinated tea while on a cleanse it great.  

Don’t I need protein?

The green juices and the cashew almond milk do have protein.  Remember though, digesting protein is a lot of work and the cleanse is a break for your digestive system so reducing protein is all part of the plan!

Can I do a cleanse if I am pregnant?

We do not recommend pregnant or nursing mothers do a juice cleanse.

Should I consult my physician before doing my cleanse?

Yes, we do advise that you consult your physical before starting a cleanse.  Especially if you are taking any prescription medications or have a medical condition.

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