Our Roots

Andy and Anna Mignery were always a health-conscious couple and in recent years had been focusing on how to provide creative healthy lifestyles for their three young children.  Both being former University of Michigan college athletes, Anna and Andy knew the importance that nutrition plays in the body’s performance.  Anna was born and raised in Ann Arbor while Andy was raised outside of Cincinnati but has lived here since graduating from the University of Michigan.

 In the Fall of 2017, their family driven healthy lifestyle took on a new motivation.  At the age of 37, Andy was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his lung that had been wreaking havoc all over his body.  In an effort to control one of the only things he could, what he consumed, he began searching for solutions to fuel his body with the best vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that he possibly could.  He sought convenient sustainable life changes and his quest led to the addition of raw cold-pressed juice and antioxidant rich Ionized Alkaline water to his everyday diet.  His entire family joined this mission and were all over-whelmed with the results… increased energy, improved feeling of well-being, and yes glowing vibrant skin!

The Mignery’s started by purchasing an at-home cold-press juicer and were so excited with how much even their children loved the juice.  Watching their children drink beets, kale, and turmeric…the whole family was benefiting from this new addition to their lives.  And from this came the birth of Thrive Juicery.  The Mignerys thought that if their family could benefit so much from cold-pressed juice… they couldn’t wait to share it with all of Ann Arbor.

Our Mission

In order to find fulfillment and balance each day, we need ways to incorporate health into our lives that are convenient instead of stressful but packed with nutrients and vital energy.  True health and well-being come from the most pure, unaltered forms of nature... the fruits and vegetables that give us the vitamins and minerals we need to thrive in life.